Weather Radio by WDT App Reviews

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Looks like a cool app!

Looks great but has yet to work for me. Keeps crashing.


Why is this app $9.99

lacking stability

his crashes on ios 5 when I got to fetch my location

In Tornado Alley, App Works Great!

I live in Oklahoma in the heart of Tornado alley and the App works great! Ive set the app to only notify on Tornado Watches and Warnings, and as Im watching the news and they get a new Tornado Warning, a few seconds later my phone goes off, alarming me to this new warning. App has not crashed on me as stated in other reviews... Very good app for those in Tornado Alley!


I would like it if we could have a Choice on what voices we can use with the app. I would love to have the ability to use Alex with it.

Love the App

Love this app. One suggesggestion, how about an Apple Watch app!

Best Wether App for Me

Love this app. It has saved my bacon by alerting me of severe weather and tornadoes warnings in my immediate area as I travel or asleep at home during the night. After surviving the tornado in Tuscaloosa on 4/27/2011 this app is most appreciated.

Life Saver

I travel throughout the Midwest of the US often by car. Ive dodged some weather bullets thanks to Weather Radio.


Love this app! Ive used it for years and sometimes it alerts me before anyone else, including my actual weather radio. The lightning alerts are received seconds after I see lightning. It really is an amazing app that everyone needs.

Its okay

I was hoping the radio aspect would include all the arcane statistics, marine forecasts, etc., from NOAA. This seems to include only a very basic forecast reading.

Crashes on Startup

Used to work but not anymore. Has this app been abandoned and orphaned?


I have used this app for seceral years and suddenly it wont even open. It crashes instantly.

Crashes at startup

App worked fine for a week or so and then suddenly started crashing at startup. It was good when it opened.


Fails many times. Storms with tornados came through and not once did the app notify for the bad weather, then next day that was sunny said flooding possible, yet no rain. Waste of app space.

Lightning Alerts

The lightning alerts are very good... However, this feature would be awesome if I could set a schedule for the notifications. Severe storms are one thing, but I dont want to be awoken in the middle of the night just because there was lightning near by.

Great app

Very reliable app one thing I would like to see is an iwatch extension

Love this app, what is with...

Why suddenly is this frozen in. landscape view rather than portrait. Using iOS 9.3.5 and have never had a problem until last update. Please correct this so I can return to a 5 star review. Have been using this since you first announced on CNN. I got it that day & its used every day!

One Star Accuracy

Temperature is 5-8F degrees off, humidity 20% off, wind gusts dont display, wind speed is off and app has not updated for over an hour. This is due to the app getting its data from airports. And if you dont have an airport in your backyard, this is not the app for you. If they would also gather data from Weather Underground I would rate it five stars.

Epic fail

You have to wonder what exactly the money you spend on this app goes to, because its clearly not development. The app appears to have been abandoned by its developers.

Was great until the update

This app was literally a lifesaver until the latest update. I no longer get warnings, and cant watch a live feed of the news station anymore either. The tornado sirens just went off and this app is current giving me a "partly cloudy" weather report! Please focus more on functionality than look and feel and restore this app to its former glory.

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